Special occasions have always been very important to me.  I remember growing up, visiting my grandparents on holidays when the house spilled over with family and friends.  My grandmother loved to make every detail special, with beautiful dishes, good food, and small extras that made the day seem very thoughtful.  Every time I visited my grandparents, my grandmother would take me over to her china cabinet to show me "Alyssa's china" which was left to me in my grandfather's will.  Just looking at a single dish evokes memories of our family gatherings.  I grew up with parents who weren't wealthy, but my mom scoured antique stores and resale shops for beautiful but inexpensive "one of a kind" gems that would turn an every day lunch into a special occasion, like serving strawberries and vanilla yogurt in a piece of Haviland china.  I am an artist, a dance professional, who grew up with other strong, creative, artistic women who also love to create and share beauty.  I passionately believe that all people, regardless of income, should be able to hold special events that can spark a bit of magic to share with others.

I began baking cupcakes as a hobby, but became passionate about this hobby when I used the proceeds of cupcakes sales to help a friend and family member defray medical costs from a tragic accident.  My interests in event planning took off at that point, realizing that creating moments of happiness is incredibly important.  Working with other female artisans, local businesses, and farmers is vital to sustaining a local economy.  By making events fully rent-able, members of our community can create that one of a kind special occasion without the burden of expense that ownership creates.  My business is multifaceted, offering full service event planning and rental that includes tableware, cakes, linens, and flowers.  I work with other artisans to offer small a la carte items that can be purchased to add a bit of extra sparkle to a special occasion.  We give back to the community, especially to underprivileged groups because all people deserve to experience joy and to build memories.


Located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri